What is 29 Card Game?

Twenty-nine or 29 card game (it is also called Twenty-eight or 28 card game sometimes with minor variations in rules) is a very famous round winning (or trick-taking) card game in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle East, Singapore, Europe and USA. It is related to the Jass family of games from the Netherlands and introduced to the subcontinent in the 18th Century by Dutch traders. It has evolved with many variations in and around the sub-continent over the last few centuries.

29 Card Game Rules

  • Overview with pointing system
  • Bidding and Trump setting
  • Game Play
  • Scoring and Set score

Common Rules

  • Double – The set score changes by +2 or -2 and how to challenge with Double
  • Re double – The set score changes by +4 or -4 and how to challenge with Re double
  • Single Hand – Play alone against your opponents and defeat them single-handedly
  • 7th Card Trump – Use your 7th card to take a chance with the trump

Advanced Rules

  • Joker Trump – Use Joker trump to play with Highest cards only
  • Marriage Rules – Put the K & Q of the Trump suit to a good use
  • Under Trump – Cannot play a smaller Trump than what has been played

Rules When Game Gets Cancelled

  • Bidding Cancellation due to everyone passing
  • Bidding Cancellation due to single card for 7th Card
  • Bidding cancellation due to other reasons (no points in anyone’s hand, all Jacks with one player, etc – need to check code and come back)
  • Game Play cancellation due to no one revealing the trump
  • Single Hand Game Play cancellation due to opponents not having lead suit card

Custom Rules

  • Last round one point – Add an additional point for the last round of the game
  • Half point rule – Penalize the bidding team for not making half of what they bid

How to Play 29 Card Game

It is played with J, 9, A, 10, K, Q, 8, 7 from each suit. Hence there are 32 cards in the game.

29 Card Game Points: J (3 points), 9 (2), A (1), 10 (1) and K, Q, 8, 7 have 0 points each.

There are 3+2+1+1 = 7 points in each suit and hence a total of 7 x 4 = 28 points. There is an optional additional point for winning the last hand taking the total to 29.


The 29 card game is played by four players in two teams (alternate players form a team). Initially, they are dealt 4 cards each and a bidding is carried out to decide which team will set the trump and chase the bid. Bidding starts at 16 and can go up to 29.

The player who wins the bid, sets the trump card to bias the game towards your team. After setting the trump, the remaining 4 cards are dealt to each player.

Game Play

In each round of the 29-playing card game, the highest card of the first player’s suit wins all the cards, unless it has been trumped by another player.

After all the eight rounds are played, the points collected by each team are added and checked whether the bid-winning team has achieved the points they had bid for. If they have secured more or equal points than the bid, then their team’s set score goes up by one point else it reduces by one point.

Set Over

Play multiple games to get +6 in the set score card to win the set.

Tips to win

  • Play to get more points, not necessarily winning higher number of tricks/rounds
  • In a real game, keep track of the score mentally
  • Keep a track of the number of trump cards played
  • Keep track of all the Jacks that have been played
  • Pass points to your partner if partner is surely winning the trick
  • Keep a track of which player is out of which suit cards
  • If partner is out of a specific suit card, play that card so that partner can trump
  • [Hard] Keep a track of who played what card


Step into the excitement of Twenty Nine—a game that’s simple yet endlessly entertaining! Perfectly blending luck and skill, it’s a thrilling challenge where you and your partner work together, testing your abilities without saying a word.

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FAQ for 29 Card Game

1. What is the significance of the number “29” in the 29 Card Game?

The total points in the game is 29 points. It comes from 28 points of the actual cards and 1 point for the team that wins the last round.

2. Are there regional variations in the rules of the 29 Card Game?

Yes, there are many variations in the regional versions. The regional versions can be customized by using the rules option.

3. How do I handle disputes or unclear situations during gameplay?

The game automatically handles and resolves all disputes that can arise from the different rules.

4. How can I improve my card management skills in the 29 Card Game?

You can keep playing to learn and improve your 29 strategies. The more you play, you will develop better techniques which you can also apply while playing with friends in real life game scenarios.