tips and tricks for 29 card game

We play to win!

Have you observed that some players play 29 card game online and win consistently? How do they do it? In this blog, let us take a look into the thinking strategies of these expert players.

Tracking Trump Cards by the Bid Winner

The bid winner must diligently track the number of trump cards played during the game. This prevents the premature depletion of crucial trump cards, safeguarding a strategic advantage.

Tracking Trump Cards for Opponents

Players who did not win the bid should monitor the number of cards played in each suit. Once the trump suit is revealed, they should also keep track of how many trump cards have been played and how many remain in the game.

Strategically Using Trump Cards

If you have won the bid and possess high cards in non-trump suits, play aggressively to deplete the trump cards in the game. This may include using your own trumps. Once the eight trump cards are played, your high non-trump cards can dominate and secure rounds more reliably.

Identifying the Trump Suit

Players who did not win the bid should attempt to guess the trump suit. You can scan your own eight cards and if you observe there are strong cards in a specific suit or jacks from various suits might indicate that those suits are not the trump. Observations of the bid winner’s card plays can also provide clues. Once the trump suit is guessed, conserve your trump cards for strategic plays later in the game.

Starting with Lower Trump Cards

If you won the bid but have few trump cards, start with a lower trump card. This forces others to play lesser cards while holding onto their stronger ones. Later, playing a higher trump card like the Jack can compel opponents to relinquish their significant cards, helping you amass more points with fewer trumps.

Empowering Your Partner to Lead

If your partner won the bid but isn’t leading rounds, play cards that allow your partner to win the round and take control.

Facilitating Partner’s Trump Play

If you know your partner lacks cards in a certain suit during the game, lead with that suit. This allows your partner to play a trump card and win the round.

Cross Trumping

In scenarios where both you and your partner lack cards in different non-trump suits and have a few trump cards each, employ “Cross trumping.” Play a card in a suit your partner lacks, allowing them to win with a trump. Then, they play a suit you lack, and you win by trumping. This strategy forces opponents to use their high-value cards, maximizing your team’s point collection.

Leading with Trump Cards

If your partner has established the trump and won the bid, lead with a trump card if you have a single 9, to maximize the number of rounds and points won.

Smart Bidding Strategy

During the bidding phase, make decisions based on the strength of your hand, the potential for powerful combinations, and the robustness of your partnership. If your initial four cards show promise, consider taking a risky bid. If opponents bid aggressively, consider challenging them with a double bid.

Analyzing Discarded Cards

When players without a card in the leading suit discard a non-trump card, analyze these discarded cards to infer their hand’s strengths. If a player discards a high-value card, it may indicate they have a strong suit. Use this insight to adjust your strategy and leverage it to your advantage. To know more about 29 card game rules you check out our latest blogs.


I hope this overview has given you a solid grasp of the strategic depth in 29 card game and why it’s such a captivating and widely enjoyed game. It’s crucial to adapt your tactics based on the situation and strive for unpredictability to keep your opponents guessing about your next move. Hopefully, these insights will enhance your skills as a 29 player.

If you have additional strategies to share, feel free to drop them in the comments below or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!


How are points scored in the 29 Card Game?

Try to win as many rounds as possible. The points in the cards of the rounds won are added up to get the total points of each team.

Are there penalties for failing to achieve the bid target?

The set points are reduced if the bid winning team misses the target bid.

Can players earn bonus points during the game?

There is an additional point for winning the last round. Sometimes that 1 point can make all the difference.